The Kingbolt RA

February 12, 2018 1:07 PM

The Kingbolt is all about that dark roasted neck.  It already had the sleek body + the Railhammer pickups + the flame maple top that should have made it a shred machine, but the resonance of the roasted neck gave it that extra zing.  Roasted maple has been heat treated at 300 degrees to remove all the sugars, the moisture, and the impurities.  That means that it is more stable and requires less seasonal adjustment.  But it also means that it is drier and more resonant.  In a guitar like the Kingbolt, resonance matters.  The dark roasted neck has been left in the oven a bit longer than the lighter roasted ones that we’re using on everything else – just like coffee – so it’s darker throughout the neck.

We paired that dark roasted neck with a dark back and Blackwood Tek fingerboard, added all of the Reverend appointments, and some delicious colors.  I can’t wait to see someone really take this guitar out and mix it up!