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  • What case fits my guitar?

    We offer four sizes of cases, all in our Reverend Two-Toned Teardrop style. You can find out all about them at our online store, and either order one there or from your favorite Reverend dealer.

  • What is the deal with those Railhammer pickups?

    The unique combination of rails under the wound strings and poles under the plain strings give you tighter lows and fatter highs than a conventional pickup, for perfect tonal balance without any compromise. Clarity is also increased, but the tone is never sterile sounding at all because Railhammers have the rich, organic tone only a passive design can deliver. To find out more, please visit Railhammer’s FAQ page.

  • There’s no dealer in my area. How can I get a Reverend?

    You are free to contact any Reverend dealer on our dealer page. Our High Volume Dealers that are highlighted at the top of the page usually have most of the line in stock.

  • What are the dimensions of Reverend guitar necks?

    We use the same basic neck dimensions on all guitar models unless otherwise mentioned. Nut width is 1-11/16″, profile is a medium oval, and approximate thickness from front to back is .85 at the 1st fret, and .90″ at the 12th fret. However, there will be some variation due to wood expansion and contraction, machining tolerances, and paint variations. Overall, they are slightly thicker than a typical Fender American Standard Strat or Tele neck.

  • How does the dual action truss rod work?

    Our truss rod adjusts in two directions: turning the nut clockwise reduces forward bow, while turning the nut counter-clockwise adds forward bow. There is a “neutral zone” between these two adjustments, and it will feel like the rod is loose, but if you continue to turn the nut for a few rotations you will feel resistance as adjustment resumes. Never leave the nut loose in the neutral zone, as that may cause rattling.

  • What size fretwire do you use, and where can I buy some?

    Our fretwire size is .110″ x .050″. Similar fretwire is available at, Item # 0150.

  • How do I clean a satin finish?

    Simply use your favorite brand of guitar polish, and a soft cloth. Do not use any rubbing compounds or abrasive type buffing formulas. Please note: areas of the finish that are subject to continuous wear and contact will become more glossy, that’s just part of the charm and worn-in look of a satin finish.

  • Which graphite saddles fit my guitar?

    The PS-8200-00 saddles fit our Wilkinson tremolo. Contact for purchasing info.

  • What is a roasted maple neck?

    Roasted Maple is maple that has been heat treated at temperatures over 300 degrees fahrenheit to remove sugars, moisture, and other impurities. This special process renders a maple that is slightly lighter in weight, extremely stable, and has a beautiful caramel color. The result is an exceptional maple neck that will require less seasonal adjustment, and has a rich vintage look!

  • What is a Blackwood Tek fingerboard?

    Blackwood Tek is a substitute for rosewood, made from Pinus Radiata, a sustainable New Zealand softwood. This softwood is impregnated with an organic resin, then subjected to extreme heat and pressure. The result is a 100% natural wood product that exhibits the feel, look and sound of rosewood, but is more stable and better for the environment. Reverend Guitars used Blackwood Tek during the period of CITES restriction.

  • Does Reverend offer repair, maintenance, or modification services?

    We recommend consulting with the dealer you purchased from, or with a qualified repair shop in your area. Otherwise, email us at for available services.

  • Does Reverend offer separate pickguards, pickups, or necks?

    Sorry, we do not offer any separate components. We do offer small repair parts, email for availability. Replacement custom pickguards can be made by, and you can also find several other pickguard makers through an online search.

  • Where are Reverend Instruments Made?

    Reverend guitars are built in South Korea by Mirr Music Co. This company is owned by Hank Cho, a third generation guitar builder who’s attention to detail, high quality control, and ability to accurately produce our unique designs (as opposed to the same old knock-offs) made Mirr a perfect partner for Reverend. These guitars are top-notch in every way… the wood is properly cured, the finishes are thin, the neck pockets are tight, the frets are polished, the components are high quality, and the overall fit and finish are first rate.

    Every guitar model is designed by award-winning luthier and Reverend founder Joe Naylor. All components, woods, dimensions and materials have been specified by Joe for maximum performance and serviceability.

    Our goal is not to build the cheapest Korean guitar, but rather to raise the bar for performance. It costs a little more to do that, but the result is a pro level guitar that is gig ready right out of the box.


  • Does Reverend offer body repair for the older phenolic instruments?

    No, please contact Brown’s Guitar Factory or Joe’s Music

  • Does Reverend offer drivetrain repair?

    No, please contact your local repair tech, or Visual Sound

  • Does Reverend offer amp parts or schematics?

    We no longer offer amp repair service. Please contact your local repair tech, or Cusack Effects.

  • Does Reverend offer amp repair?

    No, please contact your local repair tech, or Cusack Music.

  • Where can I find more info about older or discontinued Reverend instruments and products?

    There are many well-informed members at the Reverend Discussion Page who can answer questions. Also, see the Archives page. The Archive page also has a serial number listing where you can look up the date of manufacture.


  • Where can I purchase the roller bridge used with a Bigsby?

    We sell them here: Store.

  • Can Reverend install a Bigsby Tremelo?

    We don’t install Bigsbys, but you can install one on a non-tremolo guitar with the Vibramate kit.

Retail Store

  • How Can I Return a Product?

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact to arrange a return and full refund.

  • Do I need an account to place an order?

    You can purchase items in this store and “guest” check out.

  • Which of your 4 different case sizes fits my guitar?

    We have the models that fit listed on each case’s page. Scroll down and if you don’t see yours or you have an older model, inquire at

  • Do you make Soft Touch Springs in other sizes or colors? Gold, Nickel, etc?

    No, we only make Chrome, though some folks have tried spraying them with spray paints for metals to match their hardware.

  • Which shipping methods are available?

    We use the United States Postal Serves (USPS).

  • Do you ship internationally?

    We ship to nearly all countries. One exception is the UK. Currently there is paperwork sense Brexit and until that is resolved, please find a Reverend dealer to order anything from this store for you.

    Due to COVID 19, please expect shipping delays.

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