June 9, 2022

25 Years of Reverend Memories – Joe Naylor

In the first of a series, we look back at some of our favorite Reverend Guitars memories in honor of our 25th Anniversary.  In this installment, Joe Naylor tells us about this encounter with Billy Corgan.  Enjoy!

Back in June 2005, my wife Kristen and I were displaying at the Philly Guitar Show.  That Saturday night, Billy Corgan had invited us to his solo tour concert at the Electric Factory.  We hung out with him after the concert, and he said he’d be interested in checking out the guitar show the next day.  Apparently, he was on the hunt for vintage Big Muff pedals.  We didn’t think he’d really show up since he’s a busy guy.

Much to our surprise, the next day, Billy shows up at our booth, sits down and starts shredding.  A small crowd gathered, which included a father and son.  The teenage kid was looking for a new guitar, and he had his dad in tow to pay for it.  Dad, clearly oblivious to who was sitting in front of him and to the horror of his son, starts asking Billy questions about the guitar.

Here’s where it gets good – Corgan launches into a spiel about the guitar, describing in detail every feature.  He talked about the body construction, the pickup design, the locking tuners, the jumbo frets – all the while throwing in wicked riffs to demonstrate the features to some kid he’s never met.  Ten minutes later, dad says, “we’ll take it.” At this point, dad finally realizes he’s talking to thee Billy Corgan!  Dad starts apologizing profusely for bugging him, but Billy shrugs it off and tells dad, “no problem, I believe in these guitars, and I think it’s a good choice for your son.” Photos ensue, Billy signs the headstock, and the kid walks away with the actual guitar Billy was playing. Wow.  I was blown away on several levels.  First off, I was impressed with Billy’s knowledge.  I knew he was meticulous, but he knew everything about this guitar.  Secondly, the guy can really play.  He busted out fast metal solos, SRV style blues, and clean jazzy lines, all with equal mastery.  Lastly, I just love the fact that Billy took the time to graciously engage that father and son.  Maybe the kid will be a rockstar someday.  Or not.  But he does have a great story that he can tell for the rest of his life. fe. Thanks Billy!