Guitar Pickup – Retroblast



A filtertron style pickup that’s neither under-powered or harsh – but with the midrange punch, chimey highs, and string-to-string definition filtertron style pickups are revered for. Retro rock to that classic crunch, the perfect filtertron style pickup has arrived.


NOTE: This is a direct replacement for the Revtron or Retroblast pickup. Please check the dimensions to ensure that it will fit into your guitar if you are replacing something else.


Bridge Wire Gauge 43 Gauge Wire
Bridge Magnet Oversized 5mm Alnico 5 Magnet
Bridge Resistance 11K ohms
Neck Wire Gauge 42 Gauge Wire
Neck Magnet Oversized 5mm Alnico 5 Magnet
Neck Resistance 6.5K ohms