Soft Touch Spring

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Spring has sprung! This is the spring heard ’round the world! It’s squishy. It feels like it’s been broken in for decades. It’s a custom, low tension spring for easier and smoother action — a real game changer! We’re not bouncin’ around here, this thing makes a world of difference!


Diameter 19mm
Length 26mm


  • Lucas
    Verified Owner
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    I have a licensed Bigsby with a 7/8 spring. To gain a little height, I put a dime in the bottom cup. It always felt stiff and while it was very useful, I felt I was moving the handle more than the spring was compressing.

    The Soft Spring just arrived and I replaced the original immediately. Also took out the quarter as the Reverend spring is taller. It feels absolutely amazing, buttery smooth and my jazzy chords sound even more beautiful than before. I think I might need one for all my Bigsby equipped guitars!

  • Eddie Teague
    Verified Owner
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    I am accustomed to Floyd Rose. A pain to set up, but once done stays in tune even when I go crazy. With the Bigsbys on my Gretsch guitars, a slight flutter would knock everything out of whack, as in some strings at least a 1/4 step flat while others went more than 1/4 step sharp. This made the Bigsbys essentially useless except for closing out a song before changing guitars.

    I purchased one of these on a suggestion from a friend. Installed it on a 5120 yesterday. Holy Moley! It now stays true. Even going crazy the worst I could do was knock the G 2 to 3 cents flat. All other strings were nearly perfect, as in less than 1 cent difference across the board. On slight flutters it stays perfectly in tune. So pleased that I just ordered three more for my other Bigsbys.

  • Archie S.
    Verified Owner
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    I was originally concerned it would lower the Bigsby action too much due to the less robust spring but it’s just a tad taller than the stock spring so it compensates beautifully. As advertised, it turns rather stiff vibrato action into a truly soft-touch proving once again Joe Naylor knows what guitarists want & need — whether they know it or not!

  • Jay
    Verified Owner
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    My ’13 Projet was almost mute Bigsby wise. I string over the down tension bar to add some shimmer and ease of movement. Still was not right. The spring was the ideal solution without any added modding or work. It now shimmers and vibes better or at least as well as my strats. I would suggest this to any one that has Bigsby blues. On a more cosmetic note, this spring looks like it belongs, the stock spring with its cheap semi gold colored plating just looked goofy. The best 10 bucks I’ve spent on any guitar related item in a long long time.

  • Brian Delaney
    Verified Owner
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    Well, I am now at the point where I cannot use a Bigsby without one of these springs installed! Every single Bisgby-equipped guitar I play is now converted to be more musical with this simple, highly sensitive spring.
    I’m a Believer!

  • FRITZ.
    Verified Owner
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    Absolutely spot on, 100% success!
    A great improvement and worth every penny.
    I highly recommended this oh so easy to install improvement!
    At the back end of 2016 I had a B5 (F. logo) Bigsby loaded professionally onto my early 1980s vintage Japanese Squire Telecaster, and frankly I was a bitterly disappointed. The Bigsby arm had very little movement in it and it was very, very stiff. So much so, that I began searching the internet for a B16 to replace it, when I accidently, or rather, fortuitously, saw a blog for the replacement Reverend Bigsby Spring, and I tracked the thread back to here .
    So a few days back I took a chance, I ordered one and it arrived here, in the UK, today. Having unpacked it, I was not convinced but only trying it out would tell.
    So I lifted the Bigsby arm, removed the original spring, replaced it with the recommended Reverend spring, gave it a quick tune-up and, HEY PRESTO! Brilliant!
    I’ve been playing it for the last four or more hours and I can honestly say;
    It stays perfectly in tune.
    The B5 always returns to the correct position, hence the perfect tuning.
    It is much, much more sensitive to my hand.
    It is literally, by comparison, now touch sensitive.
    And, unless I’m much mistaken, the tone and sustain are greatly improved too.
    What more could you possibly want, other than a Reverend Guitar or several?
    If only!

  • Chris Wilson
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    These make such a huge difference! I used to dislike the feel of a bigsby but the soft touch spring really does transform the feel. I wouldn’t do without one now.

  • Terry Relph-Knight
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    The Bigsby design hasn’t been changed almost since it was introduced. In the 1950s heavy string gauges were used and any vibrato applied was very gentle compared to today. The heavy spring that ships with Bigsby vibratos was designed for the 1950s. The light strings and more aggressive playing styles of today really need a lighter spring and that is exactly what the Reverend spring is.
    The previous reviewer has a point thought – some accompanying washers would be nice.

  • brian delaney
    Verified Owner
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    Got the spring this afternoon, and immediately put it to use, installing it in time for my gig tonight.

    It’s superb– for a light touch, it is the ticket! I needed 2 washers to “shim” the upper and lower cups of the Bigsby to retain the bar height, but now it is dialed and just ideal for the way I use a Bigsby.

    I might suggest Reverend include some washers, but as it stands, it does
    just what it should– highly reccomended!